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Doesn't matter how large or small your enterprise is, even micro-businesses operating online will thrive if they can create a strong brand. The old saying that if you build it they will come in this instance is very true, credibility is the first step after which you build and build.

Big brands don't need to get involved with backlinking strategies, they get get their name out by creating engaging content their readers share on their websites, acquiring links automatically. They write content day and daily, automatically creating a snowball effect whereby their network continues to grow.

Due to time restraints and staffing levels implementing this type of strategy into a brand building exercise is not practical for most SME's. There are nevertheless ways to piggy back on the success of big brands to help drive traffic to your website, one such method is content curation. Content curation is when you use an authors content and amend it by adding your own take on the article. Curation is legal provided the original authors details remain intact.

Content Curation is a lot easier and quicker than writing an article from scratch. For most it's a case of adding a paragraph or two with of course a link back to your website. If it is a popular topic and a piece that is trending, you can take your curated content and post it on social media platforms for free. Although there is no obvious cost attached to using this method is time consuming and therefore is not really free.

In our opinion social media and in particular Facebook is the best way for SME's to go. You can get the ball rolling with a Facebook Ad Campaign for as little as $5 per day and if you run a promotion or contest especially one where users are compelled to share, it's quite easy to get a lot more traffic than you actually pay for. If your ad campaign or unpaid post is doing well Facebook will help by exposing your content to wider audience

Image Is Everything

The problem for most SME's is they don't have time to create ad campaigns and publish regular posts. Even if they could find time for most it's not something they would think about doing. Creating successful Facebook campaigns is a bit of an art. Trying to put together ad copy and sales funnels is bad enough and that's before even setting up a campaign.

Imagery plays a big part in the success of any campaign and as you can see from the one above, it's the baseball cap that really catches the eye, right?


We can help you build your brand on social media relatively quickly through ad campaigns by turning them into viral lead generation monsters, pushing those leads through your sales funnel and on to your lists whereby building a solid base of piping hot prospects. We'll help you retain those valued customers via a fully customised rewards program which is self managed by users and perfect for mobile. Customers earn points and claim rewards, you get repeat business!

Everyone prefers the free traffic method and we happen to like that too. You can and will get free traffic but unfortunately campaigns need a bit of a leg up to get them moving. We use paid ads to stoke the fire and specialist software to make campaigns go viral. All campaigns are custom created to meet targets and budgets. Facebook Messenger Bots can be included if required.

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