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  • Never Miss A Lead Again

    Facebook Messenger is the #1 downloaded app in the world, millions use it every day. Automated answering services have had their uses, mainly with speeding up customers service but are limited in what they can do. Messenger on the other hand can not only serve the same purpose but do quite a few other things which until now most of us would have thought to be unimaginable…

  • Automated Support Captures Leads

    You will have seen chatboxes located on numerous websites where they ask for your email, the reason they ask is because they can't get your contact information unless you provide it. Messenger not only has the ability to capture leads, but does so automatically as soon as the user initiates a chat.

    Each time such an action occurs the user's details are placed on your list/s inside of Facebook without asking for contact information. As soon as they do automation kicks in and the user can be segmented just the same way a telephone answering system does but placed on to the list you choose for marketing purposes.

    There is currently nothing out there that comes even close to providing such an efficient lead capture & marketing tool. Nowhere near as annoying as the phone answering system, Messenger has the huge advantage that it's free, if, that is you are content to promote on Facebook using the standard Messenger autoresponder. Marketing on Facebook should be a priority for any business, the system we build and hook up with your Facebook page will allow you to have as many sequences as you like, they can be built out to infinity with as many variations as required.

    This greatly enhanced version of Messenger offers so much more and will take your business to an altogether different level. Limited only by your own imagination this tool can help build your business quicker than you could have dreamed. Your customers are already on Facebook you just need to open the door and let them in! Although Facebook has now limited the use of broadcasts unless of course you care to pay, the software also collects email addresses, the same emails used for their Facebook account which 9 times out of 10 will be the email address on their phone!

  • And It's Mobile

    Facebook has billions of active users of whom the vast majority access the platform via a mobile device. That means they can join your page or list at any time day or night.

    If for example you were to run a Facebook Ad Campaign promoting your business to the local market your results would show that 95% of those responding to your ad would be using a mobile device. Facebook's demographics are second to none, they allow you to target pretty much any profile and location you want and the best bit is… they even allow you to drive leads right into your list/s.

    In it's raw state Facebook's Messenger system is limited, However, the software system we have and which would be connected directly into Messenger for you is not. This is the system that will allow you to to build out multiple sequences, the same system that grabs leads from any website or Facebook page without the need to ask for names and email addresses. Facebook wants this to work, they want to help you in the hope you will develop good relationships with users, keeping them on their platform.

    Messenger Marketing is exploding right now and will continue to do so. Big Brands have already latched on to this opportunity, likewise so should you.

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