Search Engine Optimisation costs can vary in price depending on who you are asking to provide the service. Companies who offer SEO at the lower end may be cutting a few corners, or possibly engage in ‘black-hat’ techniques which can result in your site being penalised by Google and actually end up doing more harm than good. Google in particular is not at all shy when it comes to dishing out penalties, it's their playing field… play dirty, be prepared for the consequences.

When it comes to SEO there is no average cost, no two sites are the same and agency prices are determined usually by the amount of work hours required, which again is determined by the degree of difficulty assessed to deliver the desired results.

Your target market will differ from others, your site may need more work than others, your budget may not meet the amount required to reach your targets. The solution is to find an agency or individual who can work within your budget with perhaps a degree of compromise in respect of goals.

Planning is key so it is imperative to get a thorough website health check and audit before committing to anything!

Search engine optimisation is not something which can be done overnight, unless of course you have a product or service to deliver which is totally unique and you are the only one in the world selling it. If that were the case you would then likely need spend two fortunes getting your product or service to market, or find someone willing to back your ambitions to the hilt without any actual proof that your baby would even sell at all.

While there may be still a few opportunities to rank fairly easily in local marketplaces for certain service related businesses, their existance is purely down to low demand and therefore the question you have to ask is… whether what you are planning will make enough money to be viable.

SEO campaigns require on site modifications with regard to link structures, content editing and additions, data structure etc… basically making sure the site is set up the way Google likes things to be set up. The good people over at Google aim to be the world's best search engine, which they are. Their goal is to provide their users with the best possible experience while using their platform. We, mere mortals have to oblige or else.

When and only after your site has a clean bill of health can the real work of getting it to rank begin…

Planning will have determined your target markets and keyword phrases you will use to focus in on goals. The groundwork involves a marketing strategy which will include obtaining strong backlinks from relevant sources nestled within high quality content. Try doing this one step alone quickly and see where it lands you.

There are a number of things which will affect the time frame for a site to rank but with SEO it really is a case of more haste, less speed.

Organic traffic from search engines only becomes free after a site is ranking well and even then it costs time or money to maintain position. Depending on circumstances SEO can take a while before any meaningful traffic will flow in. If it's the case where visitors are required right away, the best option is to run PPC campaigns on Google or Facebook, which we actually just happen to include in some of our more expansive plans!

This very much depends on how you view it!

PPC campaigns are built in to our higher end SEO campaigns to assist better those clients with larger budgets and who wish to target the more competitive marketplaces. While those plans are more expensive the purpose of including PPC as part of the package is to deliver results within days instead of months. This way the client can get a faster ROI, while we get on with delivering organic rankings.

PPC is not for every business and we do not recommend such campaigns if not appropriate.

Getting there is only half the battle, maintaining positions has become much more difficult. This is because search engines never stay still, they are constantly updating their algorithms, whereby changing the rules which is why you will see sites fluctuate frequently. You can be top of the pile one day, half way down page two the next.

Such fluctuations can occur following algorithm updates or indeed if Google finds something wrong with your site. Sometimes even the smallest of errors, or worse still their bots see things that aren't really errors, a site can be punished unfairly.

Then there is the small matter of competitors. If in a relatively competitive marketplace you can bet your shirt on the fact others will have engaged SEO specialists. They will look at what you are doing closely, then do more and probably better to take your spot! Like search engines SEO companies have to evolve.

You are probably the best person to answer this question:

Link building is a critical component of any SEO campaign when done correctly. There are thousands, upon thousands of people out there who will be only too happy to sell you backlinks. There are numerous others who will promise the moon and stars to get you to buy their software, from which they will tell you, you'll get hundreds of backlinks in less than an hour.

In the eyes of search engines backlinks created at speed are unnatural and are not only rendered pretty much worthless but can also have your site penalised. If following this route it's imperative to know exactly where links are being placed and also to have access to those links so they can be deleted again in a hurry if need be.

So yes, it is cheaper to purchase backlinks so long as you understand that more than likely you will not get much back in return for your money.

Backlinks are valuable when from a reputable source and relevant to your website. It's very important here to structure those links in a way that brings the most juice to your ‘money site'. Links can be purchased to be placed on high authority websites, a practice which is also frowned upon by search engines, but can be effective. However you don't normally get to control the location, priority or longevity of those links, plus they do not come cheap.

Short answer here is yes and no!

There are no guarantees and nor should you pay attention to anyone claiming to guarantee they will get your site ranked. You will see the ads making such claims, most of which oddly enough are to be found on Google. Those advertisers don't own, control or have any affiliation with Google so therefore cannot guarantee anything.

Search engine's frequent algorithm updates are there for a reason… First and foremeost to serve their users in the best possible way they can by making it as easy as possible to find what they are looking for and also to prevent SEO experts from dominating their universe.

Wouldn't be right would it for SEO tyrants to be able to take over their spaces and make all the money, that would never do, right?

While we do not guarantee rankings projects will not be accepted unless we are sure they will be a success, hence the reason for a comprehensive audit prior to any agreement.

The answer to this is yes and yes.

The first yes is relevant if you have a big budget and are targeting a marketplace which is highly competitive but are prepared to sink it all into reaching your goals… applied most likely when tackling a global market.

If however you are for example targeting words like ‘dentist' or dental the difference is you are not able to provide services at a global or even national level. You can only provide treatments to those who visit your practice and so therefore should promote as ‘ dentist {city]' or dentist {area} whichever is appropriate.

Keywords are determined by a website audit.

Your website should rank on the 3 major search engines, Google being the main one with around 70% of the market share followed by Bing and Yahoo bringing up the rear.

We build or edit sites to meet Google's requirements the others usually just fall into place and it is normal to find rank positions quite similar on each. If not a little more work is needed.

We provide a comprehensive website audit before accepting any project, if and when it comes to light that your proposed project will target a market already occupied by an existing client, then it would unfortunately have to be rejected. It would be highly unethical of us to work on behalf of close competitors within the same marketplace.

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