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SEO N.Ireland

Search optimisation services for local and national targeting

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving website rankings on Google and other major search engines in order to take advantage of free traffic they send us. Here, every website we create or optimise is crafted to achieve optimal performance on search engine results even without incoming links, each one built on a rock solid foundation with a clear internal linking strategy focused on carefully researched keywords and phrases…
All very much search engine friendly.

The flashiest website in the world is of little use if it isn’t receiving visitors, so the choices are simple… free organic traffic from search engines or paid advertising such as Pay per Click, where depending upon industry costs can vary quite a bit and are often quite expensive at the top end of the scale. That said it is worth remembering, especially in the case of Google that this kind of traffic is probably the best there is as those visitors are actively searching for the type of products or services you have to sell.

When you engage us you will receive a completely transparent service throughout the process. Transparency is important to you because following an assessment of where your site is at, you’ll receive a plan of action showing the steps we recommend be taken, the approximate cost involved and what you can expect to receive for your money. You’ll have the plan in your hand and therefore in a position to chart whether the process is heading in the right direction or not, most importantly we will help you get a return quickly even with our Low Cost Starter Package .

That means no waiting for weeks or even months before seeing any benefit…
our focus is lead generation so ‘get’ you are investing in SEO services to increase leads and sales for your business.

SEO N.Ireland – Taking your business wherever you want it to be

Website Design

Creative mobile responsive designs, built to specification plus fully optimised for on-page SEO and local rankings. Everything you need to hit the ground running complimented by guaranteed 99% uptime Hosting Services and support from only £4/mth. …read more


Custom Search Engine Optimisation campaigns targeting specific keywords for a fast ROI. Sometimes it is just all about the money and with SEO it is vital to be targeting keywords that actual buyers (not window shoppers) are using to perform searches with online . …read more

Social Media

Social Media campaigns strategically crafted to drive many more visitors to your website, initially using paid traffic methods to build momentum then incorporating engaging techniques proven to create high levels of social activity and targeted lead generation. …read more

Mobile Marketing

Mobile and Social Media cannot be separated. The vast majority of users accessing social media sites do so on a mobile device making the market impossible to ignore. Mobile users are inexpensive to reach and responsive to relative promotional offers …read more

SEO N.Ireland
The structure of your website is more important than appearance. Design is important but if internal linking is not structured to provide a natural flow for visitors then search engines won’t give it the priority it probably deserves which will reflect in search results.
SEO Northern Ireland
During preliminaries a comprehensive analysis will pinpoint where improvements are needed. This stage includes competitor analysis which will show clearly the steps required to move your site ahead in rankings, length of time it will take, and approximate cost.
SEO Company Belfast
At completion your website will be fully optimised to search engine requirements and able to perform on both desktop and mobile devices. With Voice Search growing in use, especially with Google/Android controlling the market, it’s important your site is readied for this also.

For targeted lead campaigns generated through SEO in N.Ireland or beyond…

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